About Us
LoveThyEnemy is an Anti-Bullying Campaign fighting the biggest enemy in a person's life: their own mind. The mind that tells them they are not good, beautiful, intelligent, strong, capable, athletic, or kind enough. It is up to us to fight against those lies and overcome the insecurities we are ashamed to expose. Before we can go on loving everyone else...we must learn to love ourselves. 

Here at LoveThyEnemy we encourage and support you to unmask your fears and flaws in order to rebuild a healthy mind. We hope that our stories we share will inspire you to create your own testimonials on how you overcame the adversity of letting your insecurities control and abuse your life. 

We invite you to join us on our journey to defeat the self-inflicted pain caused by our own minds and to open ourselves up to the reality of just how amazing we all are. We all are special and different in our own ways and we must learn to accept and embrace those qualities we are all blessed with. We thank you for taking your time to learn more about our campaign. We wish to see you help us continue on this path to happiness and love. 
Director: Gracie Ehemann
Our youtube offers multiple videos, music playlists, and documentaries regarding self-love. Head on over to our youtube channel to learn more about the LTE mission and how we use the visual arts to promote and end to self-bullying. 
  1. Grace Ehemann
    Fort Collins, Colorado Class of 2016
  2. Lily Ehemann
    Cincinnati, Ohio Class of 2018
  3. Stephen Liao
    Silicon Valley, California Class of 2015
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